About Us


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At Garibaldi Watches we strive to be the bridge between high-luxury and streetwear. We are a brand for creatives embracing a lifestyle where you pursue your true goals.

We’re designers, photographers, chefs, street artists, athletes, musicians, DJ’s, fixie enthusiasts, surfers, entrepreneurs, skaters and more.

When deciding on a name for our brand, one of the areas of our research was the history of denim and how it has become to be a staple of people’s wardrobes. There are various stories as to how and from where denim originated and subsequently rose to prominence but one such tale caught our eye.

We drew inspiration from an Italian general from the 1800s, Giuseppe Garibaldi. One day Garibaldi faced an uphill battle where the odds were completely stacked against him. Seeing that this could have been his last battle he decided to throw tradition out the window and wear whatever he wanted, which turned out to be a pair of blue pants.

He won this battle and became a cult hero around the world, and so began the trend of wearing blue pants, which would later evolve into lighter versions of denim. We believe the name Garibaldi fits our brand perfectly as it promotes doing your own thing, starting something new, and fearless approach to life.